I'm thankful for a wonderful family and my best friends.

Drummer Boy

A silent night pierced by the simple rhythms of a drum. No one could possibly understand how a drum could sound like a symphony. No one except this young boy and God, who may have closed his eyes and listened. The world would be forever shaken by the intrusion of Grace.

No one could possibly understand how the cry of a baby could sound like a symphony. No one except God and the world who so desperately needed a Saviour. This boy knew. For the giving of himself so fully could only be shadowed by the one for whom he played...


Use Me

Make me a tool
That’s used for You
To do Your work
Here on Earth
Sharpen, Refine
My life define
Take, Make
For Your sake
That I may
In this day
Accurately sing
My wonderful King

Burn Away

Holy Fire
Burn away
My desire
For anything
That is not of You
But is of me
I want more of You
And less of me.

Here and There

In "Herself" my favorite lines are:

She’s the same in a crowd
And when she’s by herself
She doesn’t put on a show for everybody else

I want to be that way.

Musician's Prayer

I like this.

God, please bless my music
That it might glorify your name,
May using it to serve you
Always be my aim.
May others see your beauty
In every note they hear,
And when they hear my music
May they feel
your presence near.
Oh Lord, I ask for guidance
In everything I do,
And pray you'll make my music
An instrument for you.


(Musician's Prayer by R. K. Cecil)
This is my prayer.


"If you were put on trial for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?"
(2004-11-03 by Jason)

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