Been There, Done That, Got the T-Shirt

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I officially like In N Out burgers. After I took my second bite I said, "this is the best burger I have ever had." And, we all know I'm not one to make rash statements (yeah right.)

We're in Redding, CA on our way to Yosemite National Park tomorrow. We'll spend two nights in Yosemite before heading to Las Vegas, I believe.

(Note: I love my iPod... It has gone everywhere with me. Pridian (my compy) and Lindy (my Shuffle) play well together.)

I talked to a man in the hot tub tonight. I was asking where he was from (conversation starters) and he asked the same (as expected.) Then we got to talking about school and work. He told me where he works and is going (back) to school and then he asked me what I was doing (school-wise) and what I planned on doing after school. I told him about finishing up Clackamas (he's from the Seattle area and travels through Portland a lot, so he knows the area) and then going to Moody, then how I was planning to go into overseas missions. He then proceeded to tell me about people he knew who were in missions in Africa. They have since retired but now have a lot of stories that they have told him (he was amazed at his friends.) He then said that though they are retired they still are involved in prison ministry here in the states. Then, something that stuck out that he said:

"It takes a special kind of person to do that kind of thing... You have to be very unselfish. It's about getting a different kind of reward."

I believe he was speaking of the reward of "feeling good" about your self. But, I guess he could have been talking about eternal treasure... I just doubt it. Regardless, that stuck out to me. I only regret that I didn't take this perfect opportunity to ask more questions and get him thinking a bit more.

Canon in H

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This is not what I actually want to write about (because there are so many more important things rushing through my head right now) but I'm going to write about it anyway (and maybe some of the other...) just because I got this idea the other day and told myself I should write about it.

If I am given something to do (as task or a job) I will (almost) always do it immediately. If I am given a list of jobs or tasks I will do the hardest task/job first and work my way to the easiest. If there are two or more task/jobs that are near the same difficulty I will usually complete them in order of how long they will take (I'll do the longest one first.) This is just me. Many people are like this, but many people are not. It's probably about 50/50, though, on this issue. I just think it's interesting.

---- something I've been thinking a lot about.

(Make known the plans-
-the ones I should know...)
(Open doors that I'm to go through-
-make them clear for my eyes to see...)
Close doors that lead away from your will-
-so its obvious the path I am to travel down...)
(Let me feel your closeness through the times of decision-
-so that I will always know where to turn for You're leading me...)

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."

Listening to: Peculiar People - Mutemath

I haven't been writing at all recently and I've been trying to figure out why. I know for a fact that I (and probably most people) go through spurts in life where they are feeling especially creative and then other spurts where they aren't so much. I believe that I am in a non-creative spurt (which is probably why this is a thought post and not a song/poem.) There are other times when I think I'm in a creative spurt (and perhaps I actually am) but I try to be creative and cannot. I believe this is simply because I mistook a desire to be in a creative spurt for the actual creative spurt. I know I'm in a creative spurt when I do something creative (write something) and I like it (since I, like most people considering their own work, am my own worst critic.)

I kind of like this type of writing... Where I just write about what I've been thinking about...

I guess spurts and slumps are the reality of life. I no its not possible to live life at the same emotional, physical, or spiritual level consistently. Right now my creativity is at a low, where as my closeness to God is near a high. (These two things are not related, I don't believe) A couple weeks ago they were both at lows... So, I'm feeling happy about the change.

I think I'll do this more often (this kind of post) although I hope to have the artsy posts back as well... shortly.

Edit: I didn’t realize how many times I spelled “spurt” wrong until I had to go into Word and manually change each one. I was spelling it “spirt.”

Edit #2: After some minor research, it turns out that "spirt" is a variant of "spurt."