I Want to Be Like Abraham

No matter what the world says
I cannot be convinced of anything beside the Truth
Since I will gladly die for it, living for it comes naturally
When the Truth meets opposition, then it is tested within me
The Lord uses people to test if I really believe what I say I believe
I'd much rather know one great thing about God and live and die for it
than to know all there is to know about God and his laws and do nothing for him

- - -

For years I've prayed — asking God to do whatever it takes to make me be on fire for Him. I begged for that to come. Whatever it takes. Because I have to be on fire for God. "What's the point," I would ask, "of believing in a passionate love but not being passionate about that love?" Recently the Lord has asked me the simplest of questions — he's posed the simplest of challenges to me. It seems harmless, really. He has used other people and circumstances to ask this: "Nate, would you back down only slightly from your calling in life? Just a little bit, even?" When the Truth I know to be true is challenged, would I give in and live a safe life? It seems like a insignificant thing to do, really. It's only backing down a little bit, right? It's only conceding small truths about my God. It's really of no harm, right?

I've realized, however, that this is exactly what I prayed for. I prayed for these challenges to make me sink or swim with what I believe. I didn't know where they would come from, but I knew they would come. I'm so happy that my prayers have been answered and that I can stand here now with a more determined focus on my mission in life, a more passionate love for the lost, and a heart that is beating more in time with my Saviour's heart. I am so grateful that the Lord has made it clear that I have passed this test.

To a small extent, I feel like Abraham when he was asked to kill his son Isaac. Without hesitation he drew the knife to slay his son whom he loved because he knew there was something far greater. He had to be right about his relationship with God. He couldn't forsake his Love. I cannot forsake my Love. I am passionately, actively, and eternally in love with my God and I will pass any test for him.