The Prayer for Me

Dear friends,

Pray also for me that I may realize my true purpose in life — that is, to live every moment in light of my eternal home. That I will understand, but not merely understand, what it means to belong to another country while simply visiting an earthly world. Ultimately, pray that I would desire to know the will of God. It is easy to say, but, when the ramifications are pondered, very hard to actually want.

Finally, I know the Lord has great things for me to do in and with my life. I just know it. I do not worry a bit about what I will do or who I will become because I am resolved, without an ounce of wavering, in the way I will live (therefore the how will follow.) But, pray that I will live in such a way so that, as I live, and — yes, more importantly — when I die, vast numbers of people will not know the name Nate Hanson or fall in love with me, but will know the name of Jesus Christ and fall eternally in love with him.

Bought with a Price

We Christians say things such as, "I gave my life to Christ" or "He bought me with a price." Well, if you gave your life to Christ and if he bought you, doesn't he own you — not only you, but also your desires, wants, passions, future, plans, skills... everything? I would encourage you to know not what you want to do with your life — what a selfish thought — but rather to realize who you are in Christ already. There is a calling on your life that will take your whole life simply because of the association to Christ and his country that you have. There is no time to worry about what you want to do with your life because of the business the Lord has called you to be about. Be busy in that and then come to the end of your day and the end of your life and see if you have any time left over for you.