Out of the Frying Pan and Onto the Plate

Sometimes I think way too much importance is placed on "flowing with the go." It is important to fit in with society to a certain extent, but this extent cannot keep a person from completing the calling the Lord Jesus laid out for them. Whenever I think about the commands of the Lord, I always come back to the Disciples. They received the commands directly from the Lord and carried them out with no apparent care for what their friends or other people at that time thought. Their actions weren't based on building their ego, but rather on bringing glory to the only One worthy of such glory.

I suppose this means that we, as followers of Christ, shouldn't be hesitant or "weak" in how we carry out the Lord's commands either. What will matter in 100 years when the body is dead?

People quickly forget the being that fits in by traveling with the current, but a life that pleases the Lord is one that builds strong muscles by walking against the current.

I'll probably continue these thoughts later.