Our Ballad

Awaken with the power of this
Love that is drowning into
Space a place I cannot go
To find you and bring you home

Frightened as I find out that I
Can't save you. With all of my heart
I know this is the way that it goes
And yet I still hold out hope

When darkness comes and I can't see
I'll always call upon my King
When morning breaks and You are there
I'll fly to meet You in the air

What to Feel

Listening to: Still - Issakar


What am I supposed to feel
I don't even want to write
I'm broken like a rusty wheel
Is there any way to make this right

Is there something I'm not giving over
Something that I'm holding back
Does my second face need to move over
To find out what my first one lacks

I thought I knew where I was going
and maybe I still do
But I can't keep on like this
I'm telling You the truth

Yes, I thought this way was best
But I think that I was wrong
Yet, it still may be true
But I've given it to You