When we were kids

Something a friend wrote two years ago as we entered life after high school:
For anything that comes along do not compromise the Lord's goals for your own. What I mean is, don't let any fears of change or loss change what you think. You will grow every day for the rest of your life.

Lord, help me not take my friends for granted. What a blessing you have given me.

Realize how precious history is. Don't take five or ten years lightly—You'll realize how amazing history with people is when you have to recreate it some day. Cherish your friends. They are a direct blessing from your Father.

You know who you are—I honestly love you and thank the Lord for bring you into my life.

From This Place

Lift me up
from this place
I have fallen, now I'm desperately in need of Your grace
Cover me
with Your blood
I'll be found again in the wonder of Your love

Do It

Memorize a verse each week. It's changing my life.

You're not too busy.