"This is no sacrifice... here's my life."

Your name is worthy to be blessed, Lord.

Take all of my desires and help me to focus on You above all. Let me do only what is building up of others and glorifying to You. Change my desires and plans to in time with Your plans.

I don't want anything if it is outside of Your plan, Lord. Help me to be content.

Thank you for all of the things You teach me and the ways that I have grown this past year. Challenge me so that I continue to grow, Lord.

I bless Your name, I love You,



my mind takes a break as my fingers begin to write
everything I wanted to say is left behind
in amazement of what is being crafted
my fingers move swiftly, knowing their time is brief
for in a fleeting moment reason and logic will take over
and my fingers will be rushed away
hiding until their unforeseen time is upon them
lines they hoped to finish will be done an injustice
dreams, left to be grasped
but now they write
they write
not a thing stops them as they create
imagining things that could never be thought
achieving things that could never be won
loving things that are never cherished
their time is gone
the world they fashioned is frozen in time
desiring the moment when life will return
true life who’s match cannot be found
life that only flows
when my fingers take over

Question Mark

I wonder if Judas ever "believed on the Lord Jesus Christ?"

Who said that?

Some great quotes I just heard.

“A Godly man will not go as far as he may, lest he go further than he should.”

“Fight your sin the hardest when you’re feeling strong.”

“Make no provision for the flesh."