3 AM


How can I stand in your presence. I can't. I am so unclean and so are my friends, people at my work, and everyone I know. I don't stand a chance. Do whatever you want with me and through me.

Is radio all about me? I don't have to work in radio if it's not about you.

Is my music really all about me? Then let me never sing another song if my heart isn't right.

I don't want to trick myself, Lord. I know what you have commanded me to do... Why do I fill my life with anything that isn't born out of fulfilling that command?

Let me only be your mouth piece here on this earth for a few years. I fear you and what you can do to me. Only by your grace can I ever even look at your face.

Let me not be consumed by not even any of the slightest perversions of your true command and call. Let me truly die to myself and teach others to do the same.